White Whale zoom no.5  September 24th 2020

White Whale zoom no.5  September 24th 2020

White Whale zoom no.5  September 24th 2020


We start connecting with the whale energy and with our personal whale. You might feel that connection in your 3rd chacra.

Ke ke tai wa nu ka kai hin…..

The whale energy is forming a circle around you and the whales are holding the energy for you.

Now we are sinking in our own energy. A big shift happened during the equinox on September 22nd.

We are balancing our energy and that will give harmony in our bodies.

Na kai hin….


John: Now I feel the great Spirit is coming in for us all ( feel your 2nd chacra, there it will connect with you).

We are entering a big space now in mother earth. It is light and connected to Great Spirit, deep deep down in the waters of mother earth.

And when you open your eyes you can see the golden light with sparkles of blue.

While we are feeling the connection with that big light of Great Spirit, we find ourselves in the blue matrix of Mary and Michael.

The energy is shifting in your system in all your cells.


John: I can feel in my body that the light is increasing in my body and becomes more intense. It is beautiful to see that increasing light in our bodies. It looks like the shape of a mushroom upside down.

We all have a big space around us and standing in the light of the holy grail in connection with Great Spirit.

John: I see it as a blue web around the whole world and it is coming in your system.

I can see in several places around the world.

I see the Hudson Bay in Canada, connected to the older whales; it is a place of wisdom and a gathering place for the whales.

Now I see the Incas and the Amazone river.

Ke moi hai

Ischka no ka

Tai shi shi ischa ka he

Ischna ma he, isch ka isch…..

(Mayan language)

The Mayan knowledge came from the whales.

Naka hin na….


To-day we are working in harmony with our inner power and transport that to several places, like the Hudson Bay, the wisdom of the elder whales. Also to the Amazone river, the Mayan knowledge and the Titicaca-lake.

We are now connecting to our whale families all over the world, connected to the blue web and the Mary and Michael power lines (Ley-lines).

Through those connections and the Hudson Bay and the Amazone river and the big light, the whales are opening the fields of knowledge now.

Ta na ka lu i tua ka ….

You might feel a burning heat in your system. That knowledge from the whales in the Hudson-bay is also the knowledge of the old Grandfathers, with whom we are connecting now.

Na ka hin…

Ta ma ke ka hin…

Ke wa hin….


John: it feels strange but I can see the knowledge of the Amazone is coming to us in our system. It is really beautiful to see, it is on the left side of our bodies,


The Amazon area is a medicine place, there are more in the world, but the Amazone is the biggest.


Now we are moving to Jerusalem. I hear the name Arthur!

Arthur and the round table in Jerusalem.

Mo ka hin, na ka hin…

The round table with 12 people round it; they are all light masters 6 men and 6 women.

We are in Jerusalem also in connection with the blue world web and the power lines ( the earth raster). It is a beautiful growing network which gets stronger and stronger. It is a big move, and we are creating that now

( the blue World Web).

Now I see more round tables, 13 tables in total and every table has 12 light masters around it.

We are creating a new energy in Jerusalem and the Whale is the protector of that energy.

I see the 13 tables all above each other and the White Whale with the tail down and the heads up is going right through them.

The light masters are standing around this all.


Be the White Whale!

All our cells in our body are opening up now for the old knowledge and great  Spirit brings in more light, more healing light into our system.


At this moment I also see Rome, Paris, London all connecting to Jerusalem.

It feels like an earth-quack underneath those cities,


Sirius show itself on a distance and the whales are coming in from Sirius. They are spirits of the old whales coming back from Sirius.

I can see now a total new beautiful crystaline light in our energy.


The time is now 21.12 hour. The creative moment.


To-day feels like a new beginning, a new periode in time. We received a lot of light to further awaken.

We are now connecting all the light workers with the blue web with underneath the golden web with diamond crystal energy.

Gold, like golden lava.


John: I can feel the big brains of the whales, we are receiving the brains of the whales of the Hudson Bay. I can feel them growing in my head.

It will make you also feel more grounded .

I also feel more and more balance in Jerusalem.


What happened to-night, that energy is getting now more and more grounded.

Also on the Dam in Amsterdam!


A lot happened in our system and in Mother Earth.


Welcome back.


Dank aan Agnes van de Beek van het Whalehouse van Amsterdam voor deze uitwerking!