White Whale zoom no.6  Universal healing –  October 3rd 2020

White Whale zoom no.6  Universal healing –  October 3rd 2020

White Whale zoom no.6  Universal healing –  October 3rd 2020


Before the zoom opened, John has been playing the drums and then the Whale zoom opened with the words:


A lot is happening in our life frequencies and in our system.

He mentioned that a few days ago on September 29th it was St. Michaels-day.

John: he has been present in my life many times and he is here now to-night.

He is coming in with the white Whale, who is preparing the path which we are going to walk to-night.


You might feel that the White Whale is now connecting to us. Now I can see him swimming through the shape of the lemniscaat, the infinity sign.

I looks like the energy of a propellor of a plane.


In one part of the lemniscaat I see Mary and the other part Michael.

The energy is increasing now.

Ne ka hin no kur ka-i-hin….

Higher dimensions are coming in. You might feel the heat of it, especially in your 2nd and 3rd chacra.

Ta ka ta hin….


I can see we are all standing in a circle while looking outside, our backs inwards to the centre of the cycle.

There is a lot of trust in the backside; also in the back is the lemniscaat with Mary and Michael.

From the centre the white Whale draws a line from the centre of the earth up into the Skye. A lot of whales from all over the world are showing themselves and making contact with us.

They come in trust and are healing the pains in our hearts, so that we can accept all the light within us and that it can grow in our system, in our being and in the work we do.

It will give you trust!

You might feel the increasing light in your hands.

We are now going deeper into the earth. It might feel colder now because of the transformative energies.

It is our duty to bring the light to the world.

Ta ma ke ka hin


I also feel the increasing energy of the full moon emphasizing our emotions. Just let them flow.

I also notice that between our Higher Self and our body there is an increasing stream of light information.

Now I see a lot of light ships and also a lot of flying whales. It feels like the power of a volcano!

Whales are now circling round Sirius and round your Higher Selves and then down in our circle.

It will connect the conscious people, the light workers with each other.

You might feel your organs working, like your stomach and kidneys.


As always Merlin is here as well and assisting us.

Now I see the blue Grid. I also see several cities.



First of all New York.

I can see in New York 56 pyramids

A lot is happening around Ground Zero, the place of the Twin Towers, which collapsed 19 years ago now.

Merlin and Michael are standing there and asking us to enter this place.

Go to this place!

A lot of power of mother earth is coming up to Ground Zero.


At this moment I see a lot of pyramids. There are 56 pyramids. They are above each other in Ground Zero. They contain a lot of powerful energy.The true wisdom is growing there in that place.

Call it the “Whale Centre of New York”, protected by Mary and Michael, Merlin, Metatron and Melchizedeck.

7 x 8 = 56 pyramids.

I see a lot of people connecting, all light masters working in all the pyramids.


Now I am connected to Berlin, check-point Charley

Don’t forget to be there as well.

I see the connection with Ground Zero in New York and the place of Berlin’s wall.The energy is increasing now in Berlin, again like an earthquake underneath, a lot of Whale and Dragon power. The place needs more light energy.

It is like a line, a leyline, a Michaels-line going from New York to Berlin.

Tan ka lin ke kuro…..

Ske ko la kai Ischka

Tu rosh ka isch ka

Isch ku li ko isch ka

A lasch ka a lasch ka…..

( the language feels more Mayan now)


John is playing the bowls.

Ta ho ka hin…

(More frequencies came in with the sounds)


John: I see 7 portals and Merlin

A lot of healing is coming to Berlin; it is a central point for healing the pains.

I see Mary in the light energy of Berlin with a big flame in her hand. Just like in New York the statue of Liberty. She is showing us the light of transformation.

Stand in it!


View your life without judgement, stand in your light in love, like Mary and  Michael are showing.

I see in New York 56 pyramids, all in gold, now connecting with the blue Grid and also connecting to the golden place down the blue grid.

We can feel the golden diamond energy. Liquid gold. The pyramids are standing in the centre of mother Earth, up the sky. Connecting, connecting and connecting

It brings up the Master power. That energy goes also to the big city Berlin.

Now Jerusalem shows itself and nearby Cairo with the pyramids; I also see the Sinai.

Na ka hin ke tu ha…

Ona ka tie ja…


The full moon is in Aries

They say it is a difficult time but it is also a good time.

A time of a big change which asks you to stand in your leadership.

Be who you are.

I see again Jerusalem and the white Whale, there is big change coming from Jerusalem, the Sinai dessert, and the pyramids. I see the Nile growing and growing, giving much water approaching the pyramids. The pyramids are getting, so to say, wet feet. The energy of the Nile brings the new energy.

The energy is changing.


Also I am connected with the southern points of South America and South Africa, the Table mountain.Ta ro ha his…

A lot of energy is coming up, an energy who is missed in the North of the world. The missing energy is coming up now, connecting to the North.

May be you can feel the lines. It might also be confusing what is happening now. The southern places are bringing up the whale energy


It is a crystal diamond energy from South America, bringing it to New York and Berlin and to the Table mountain and then to Jerusalem and the Sinai and the pyramids in Egypt. Now I see the Sphinx, it is moving

The Lion is standing up. The lion is standing up. It is standing up in your power!

To ro kan ta…

No time to waste!


I see the pentagram. I can see the pentagram ( the 5 pointed star) in our back. It is like a golden turtle in your back. It gives the power of the pentagram. You might see or feel it.


Sounds of the singing bowls…


I see a lot of light workers now, thousands of them. More than 10.000 of them, they are standing up, connected to the whale, to the knowledge of mother earth and to our own knowledge.

The full moon is standing in Aries, but I can feel the Lion inside you.

Stand in your leadership as a light being.


All this time also Joshua was standing behind us.

Ta ro ta ro ha….ke ta hin….

There is a very high energy now. It might be confusing, but the mind does not always follow our feelings.

There is a lot of healing power in our system.

Light power, a diamond light power in your system. When you zoom into the light power you might see little crystals. They are rainbow crystals. It is in your system, it is in your hands.

Part of this transmission was sometimes in the 27th dimension.


When you meditate on Michaels energy; you might reach the 27th dimension.

When you do that it is advisable to do that for 11 minutes.


Sounding the singing bowls.

No ka ka jo a ka hi, ka ro k ro ke ta hi…..


There is now a lot of integration and a lot of light has been brought to several important places all over the world! There is a lot of movement in the world!

Thank you for your contribution and for your light work.



Dank aan Agnes van de Beek van het Whalehouse van Amsterdam voor deze uitwerking!