White Whale zoom no.8  October 15th 2020

White Whale zoom no.8  October 15th 2020

White Whale zoom no.8  October 15th 2020


This will be the last zoom of this serie.

Ke rok ta kai no…

No ko ku ru…


The Uluru mountain connected with us several times before and now she is  here again. The holy mountain in connection with the 3rd chakra.

The white whale and several more white whales are also here.

There are 11 of them, spoke Merlin and there’s one up in the sky and one down in the earth.

13 Whales and the Uluru

No ka ka hin…


I see us standing as gate keepers around the Uluru.

The energy is growing in us now to get more connected with father sky and mother earth, where also the whales are.

It is a connection to your father and mother and you can feel it in your system.

Some of us are in the 5th, 7th or 11th dimensions. We all are in different dimensions.

It is like music, different notes, different tones and different dimensions and spheres and that creates the sound, the whale sound.


More whales around the world are joining us.

It is a magnetic energy which attracts them.

They are all facing the Uluru and so are we, with our nose in that direction.

We are like like pillars, a needle, an obelisk, head up, tail down.


I can see the unbiblical cord. We make a deep earth connection. I see the Aboriginals next to us making the circle bigger.


There is a healing coming in, connecting with all your past lives and the core of mother earth. We are connecting with it all and with the Water.

Feel what is happening in your body. It goes deeper in your system.

The holy water is around you. It feels like the water is praying and chanting.

You might even hear it.

The whale allows you to feel more in your system without fear.


The whale is the wisdom keeper of mother earth; the whale has the first knowledge from before planet earth was formed.


The healing in this very high energy brings DNA healing with the white whale for our mother earth.


The healing is still going on.

What is changing in the earth is also happening in us.


I can see a lot of different water elements, different energies in the fields of water. It is all mixed.

Yesterday I saw water from million of light years away and that information is coming in now. It is possible to feel that.


While this is all happening we are still standing in the circle around Uluru and feeling the higher frequencies of water.

Years ago Emoto was showing us water molecules in frozen geometrical forms.

A ni ke tai…

O ko ra hin…

I feel a very high energy and lots of pressure in my head.


That “new” water is a cosmic water, a different kind with a lot of new information.

The DNA of the whales brings the lost information from the times of Lemuria and Atlantis. They carry all the DNA codes. Our past lives are changing now.

A big change in the world is happening, we will act more from our heart and that will change the world.


Now I see the water, the plants, the minerals, everything is changing now.

Listen to the sounds of the whales and feel what is happening within you.


Now I see all the pieces of DNA in the world

I see the releasing energy from the earth now; just like an old wound being cured.

Ta ka ka hin taro ka….

Feel your communication with nature and what is changing.


It is ready now and we can leave Uluru and go through the earth to the mountains in Europe.

Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany and Austria.

Now we move down in mother earth underneath the mountains.

The whales are also there, all lined up. We are in a big circle and now the whales are around us.

Feel the power of the mountains. We connect now with the Dragons of the mountains. Merlin is there and is looking what is happening and gives us the tools to work with

There is a mixing of the whale- and dragon-fields.

Feel what is happening, in your stomach, your heart.

The lemniscate is working in your body.

John is using the drum and sounding.


We are still in the mountains with snow on top.

Now the energy of Uluru is coming to the mountains of Europe.

It brings a lot of change to the people of the mountains.

This energy is also in the energy of the snow and that snow-water goes into the rivers of Europe.

Water is a guiding medium. Just like the Rhine from Switzerland through Europe and ending in the North Sea.

So all the waters in the Netherlands, in connection with the mountains are feeling a change now.

Now I see Amsterdam with all the canals, which are also in open connection with the open waters and I see the change of the energy in these waters.


I can feel that change in my system.

It is moving now in a higher energy with more light in the water and within us as well.


We are the water-carriers, the whale people.


There is also a DNA healing underneath the mountains. The white whales are swimming there, deep down. Also Merlin changed in a swimming whale, he is showing us the way down.

Isch ku ka ri…

Isch ku ma ka, Isch ka ka ra…


I see now the missing DNA going to several places on mother earth.

It is under the blue grid of the Mary and Michael lines.


The DNA looks like the shape of the pentagram, like a honeycomb,

a 5-pointed shape.


Every person has 5 places in the world with his own DNA.

Now you are connecting with your DNA to those 5 places in the world.

A change is in action.


I see now South America, the Titicaca Lake , Machu Pichu in Peru, the Mayans in Mexico, all connecting with this energy.

There is a lot of nature, grounds, temples and water places getting this information.

All these places are also connecting with the waters in the Netherlands and in Amsterdam.

I see direct lines of connection. It is the new water energy.


I feel lots of rain falling in Egypt, the sun is shining and I see the rainbow light coming in the 33 pyramids, standing above each other, like a very big tower.

16 pyramids on the ground and 16 underneath.

And 1 on the zero point!


33 golden pyramids and the whales are standing there and we are keeping the space and connecting all the energy of this evening to Luxor.


I also see Kuthumi next to us, just like Merlin, to assist us and bringing love and grace.

There is sound movement in mother earth.

It is heavy to hold all the energy.

(The Egyptian town Luxor on the Nile means Light-bringer)


All the energy which we brought to Luxor, we bring that energy now to the waters of Amsterdam. The whale house.

The library of the DNA of the whale is in the whale house.

The energy of the whales is there already for 400 years (1621)

I see you all in the energy of the white whale connecting the earth and the wisdom-keepers.

Feel the water in your system.




When you are ready you can open your eyes and move a little bit.