Tutarakauika To unite all the whale energy around the globe, 2021

Tutarakauika To unite all the whale energy around the globe, 2021
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Date(s) - 26/04/2021 - 30/04/2021

Kampeerterrein Staatsbosbeheer West-Terschelling


—Discover your native Spirit—


To unite all the whale energy around the globe, 2021


European Natives United

Honouring the whale energy of the North Sea and all the seas beyond

Uniting earth’s energy



More and more, we get conscious of the natural potential of our own country, of the places of strength in the flat lands of the Netherlands. And its strong connection with the sea and its inhabitants

The Whale is the carrier of the old knowing
The Whale helps us awaken the native in our heart
Join our four day walk to the heart of the whale, to our heart

12000 year old native wisdom shared by Maori-Tuhoe Great Grandmother Dr Rangimarie Rose Pere:

We are all one family, one country, one heart.

Our differences are all expressions of the oneness.

Our restless mind constraints and shapes the experience of that oneness, It thinks that the unseen, (lo Mata Ngaro), that what makes us one does not exist.

Perhaps the greatest journey we make is but 3 handspans across. The journey from the head to the heart, for it anchors the mind in spirit. Then everything is off the sacred.

When we raise the power of the rational mind we close off the light of the KNOWING.

When we journey to the heart we speak of a joining not a separation. When we rediscover the heart we give power to the mind and open it to realms unseen that are born of spirit. In that place children find their play.


Place:                     On the beautiful Island Terschelling in Holland

Date:                      26-30 april 2021

Organised by:          Tutarakauika – www.paikea.nl


Johannes Leerink, Christel Groenier, Tikirau Ata, Anouska Heesbeen, John Nieuwendyk

De  “Groenlandse Pakhuizen” in Amsterdam were constructed in 1621 and functioned till the end of that century for storage of the blubber of the whales, caught in Greenland and transported into Amsterdam. There are 3 x 20 stone basins, filled with 60.000 liters of oil. During restoration in the 19th century they filled  most of the basins with stone debris, and left the stone basins in the foundation.

However still a lot of the oil was left in the foundation and that means that the whale DNA is kept in the Whale house and that the whale energy is noticeable.

Whale is the Keeper of Mother Earth’s knowledge. The whale also kept mother earth’s lost knowledge available.

Coming year, 2021, 400 years later, we will meet on the Waddeneilanden (the heart of the whale energy) to make a new shift in this energy. The return of the old knowledge that’s kept by the Whale!

Information and registration:

We will camp on “Natuurkampeerterrein,  Staats Bos Beheer on West Terschelling
We have big 8 persons tents in, each will be only used by 4 people.

There is an open space with a big roof with long tables , being able to sit and eat, share time, also in rainy weather.

There is a a big fireplace in the middle to burn our Holy Fire.
Enough place for showering and washing.
Breakfast will be prepared each day by a core-crew. At  breakfast you prepare your lunch and take it with you.

  • For breakfast are available: bread, spreads, porridge, coffee, tea…….Diner is served (catering), both vegetarian and with meat.


Travelling information:

  • The boat (fare) to Terschelling, you have to organise yourself : https://www.rederij-doeksen.nl/en/terschelling.  In this way you can make your own time-schedule.
  • You can choose to leave your car on the mainland or to take it with you to the island. Using a car is not necessary for the program. The camping is in walking distance from the harbour.
  • Adres: Kampeerterrein Staatsbosbeheer, Longway 28, 8881CM West-Terschelling
  • The opening ceremony will start our program on Monday 26 April at 3 PM. You are welcome much earlier, even on the Sunday before.
  • Closing ceremonies are on the Friday at 13.00 . It is possible to stay on the campsite till Saturday morning (First of may)


Financial contribution:

We live in uncertain times. However we have a strong calling that this event needs to happen. We can only organize this with your help. We propose a 200 Euro deposit. By your early registration you empower us to make the necessary arrangements and preparations.

  • 555 euro per person
  • Deposit: 200 euro, participation guaranteed.
    • IBAN: NL58TRIO 0254 4243 68
    • BIC nummer: TRIONL2U
    • In name of:  Paikea Dragon
    • Citing: Tutarakauika 2021 and first name and last name
  • Children up to 13 year 300 euro
  • The program has a maximum of 50 people, so please register in time. When the limit of 50 is exceeded, we will use a waiting list.


P.S.  We know Tikirau Ata, Maori-Tuhoe Elder and his Whanau, love to join us. We hope they manage it. Time will tell ………