White Whale international healing and connection, Meditatie Transmissies

White Whale international healing and connection, Meditatie Transmissies


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8 Bijzondere opnames van 1.5 uur. In totaal dus 12 uur opname waarbij je meegenomen wordt in je diepste gevoel en de grote verbinding met de Whale!

ZOOM-White Whale international healing and connection

It is this time that we are going more and more international and I will also occasionally give an English translation of the experiences of the moment during the Zoom.

More than 7 years ago, the White Whale came to me completely unexpectedly during a workshop. He told a bit about his history and his return here on earth, he also asked me to spread his energy. It now seems more topical than ever and appears more and more in our consciousness.

The White Whale is a great servant who helps you to get further in your feeling. The sounds of the White Whale and the old language coming through me, you get into deeper parts than you came before. To let your old wisdom from your earthly lives come back to you and to start living in it. This requires a change in the groove you are in.
The Whale represents the love, the unconditional love that is present in each of us and will unfold more within you.

The White Whale healing in World Connection helps you get deeper into your own love and go through your pains without judging it. The transformation of the White Whaleman within you is a beautiful and loving force that lets you slide into your softness. Because of this, your loving Holy Grail will be quietly filled with your loving existence here in the world. The Mary / Mary Magdalene energy, the dolphins, the water turtles and the octopus will assist and guide you in this safe part. Jesua who gives you full protection from the back of your heart, to be able to experience everything in safety and let it settle down. The power of the White Hand that you can feel on your heart that gives you the confidence that all is well, HO!

It is a separate ZOOM session of 1.5 hours which is currently given weekly.

The evening is from 8 pm to 9.30 pm, make sure you are logged in on time and be ready in an easy chair or relax.

Send an email jhnieuwendyk@gmail.com to me if you want to participate and I will send you the access code. It is important that you have Zoom installed on your pc, even I can Click here to get into Zoom and install it.

The financial contribution is 20 euros for a single evening and you pay 140 euros for all 8 sessions. This can be deposited into account NL58 TRIO 0254 4243 68 in the name of Paikea Dragon, stating your name and date of the Zoom evening.

Love John
Tonka Ixkaska Ixcaul

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